Non-Technical Stream
Non-Technical Stream
The study of children’s behavior on social networks


Research in this area is necessary in order to understand the most common types of behavior by children and adolescents on social networks and to use this knowledge in the development of security software.


It is necessary to conduct research based on statistical surveys and/or an analysis of a large selection of accounts belonging to children and adolescents aged 7 to 16:

  1. The study of behavior patterns by children and adolescents on social networks: what children of different ages do most often on social networking sites, at what age they actively start registering on social networking sites, when they begin to communicate, what sort of content they are looking for, what they watch. The results of these statistical surveys, or the analysis of a large number of accounts.
  2. The study of the social behavior of children and adolescents of different ages on social networks: what type of communication they prefer – public in a group, or private in personal messages, with those they know in real life or with new people. Do they recognize when someone they don’t know on a social networking site begins to behave dangerously? Do they understand what exactly is dangerous about chatting with strangers on these sites? How can an offline relationship develop on social networking sites: cyberbullying, online flirting, friendship after moving to live in a new place, etc.


  1. Abstract (1-2 paragraphs)
  2. Volume: 30 pages maximum (not including images, appendices)
  3. Researchers should use their own findings (the results of surveys, analysis of social networking site content, etc.)

Supplementary materials

Provided upon request.

Evaluation criteria

All work will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Compliance with the aims and objectives of the research
  • The quality and the volume of the data obtained during the research
  • Originality of the research
  • The depth of the study and the quality of the findings