Non-Technical Stream
Non-Technical Stream
Storytelling comics about cybersecurity


We are looking for edutainment comics about some aspect of cybersecurity. These proposals must be in the form of a graphic-novel style story, spanning 5-10 pages of sequential art.

Statement of the problem

We all now live in a digital world of information, communication and, unfortunately, cybercrime.  Computers have improved life for many of us, but as always with a new technology, they have also brought some new threats and challenges, starting with the unpleasant spam that dominates Internet traffic, through computer viruses deleting valuable data, to identity theft that may even threaten people’s lives. To protect our data, our time, our money and even our lives we need to combat this cybercrime. New security technologies and innovation development is not the only solution to this problem. We have to raise security awareness and educate people on how to stay cyber savvy and protect themselves in cyberspace. Edutainment comics about some aspect of cybersecurity can be an alternative illustrated education material for cybersecurity awareness and literacy development.

Requirements for the expected results

The tone, setting and style of the story is up to the creator, but it must contain some educational content on the theme of cyber security. It is not enough to tell a visually compelling story, it must have the educational element to qualify. We expect the story to be self-contained and stand alone, so the reader can learn and enjoy without the need for a lot of backstory.

We expect the comic to contain:

  1. An educational point – for example, it can be phishing, clickbait, password strength, cyber bullying, growth of cyber espionage, etc.
  2. An entertaining storyline – the artwork and story must be entertaining enough to hold the attention of the target audience. Pacing and timing will be reviewed as key components of visual storytelling.
  3. World-building – background art, perspective and general design
  4. Character design – whether a space pirate or your average Joe down the street, your characters must be well-designed and consistent throughout the piece.

Evaluation criteria  

We will be evaluating proposals on the originality of the story, quality of the artwork, the storytelling and pacing as well as the seamless integration of the educational points.

Supplementary materials