Technical Stream
Technical Stream
Prototype of new functionality for safeguarding kids


You are required to develop a new functionality for Safe Kids, the recently released Kaspersky Lab product. It should meet the product’s current objective of ensuring the online safety of children, and at the same time be beneficial to them.


Kaspersky Lab products have included the Parental Control module for many years now. Last year our development work on a solution to protect children on the internet resulted in the creation of a standalone product called Safe Kids. For this task you will have to think of additional functionality that helps make the program more useful/interesting for children so that they are encouraged to use it rather than seeing it as a means of restricting or tracking their activity.


As part of the task, you must perform the following:

1. Come up with a design: describe the functionality, design for the interface, interaction with the product’s other functionality

2. Describe the target audience (for children, specify the age range; for adults, give a detailed description by category: mother/father, the number of children in the family, education, profession, etc.)

3. Demonstrate that the functionality is of importance to the selected target audience

4. Evaluate the complexity of implementing the functionality

The technical documentation (design) should not exceed 10 pages.

5. Creation of a working prototype:

  • With the capability of giving external users a demonstration on mobile (Android/iOS) devices (or Windows/Mac devices)
  • With the possibility of using it, with minor modifications, as a software component for mobile platforms (Android/iOS) or Windows/Mac devices

Supplementary materials

Provided upon request.

The latest version of Kaspersky Safe Kids is available at

Kaspersky Lab materials on safeguarding children on the internet are available at

Evaluation criteria

All work will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Compliance with the aims and objectives of the research
  • The feasibility of using the proposal in Kaspersky Lab products
  • The effectiveness of the proposed prototype
  • Originality of the research