Non-Technical Stream
Non-Technical Stream
Interactive educational site for promoting the Kaspersky Lab brand


Propose a concept for an interactive educational site to promote the Kaspersky Lab brand on the internet.


Based on user behavior data, we are seeing steady trends today like:

  1. Internet use is causing concern among a growing number of people;
  2. At the same time, fewer and fewer people understand why they need internet security software or how to use it. The evident value of traditional antivirus software is on the decline;
  3. Moreover, there is a noticeable drop in the customers’ computer literacy due to a permanent inrush of the less advanced PC users. In the past, there were mostly professionals among general computer users whereas today we have more & more common people using different computer devices in their everyday life where this type of devices turns out to be durable goods like a kettle or a vacuum cleaner.

People are afraid of online threats related to the security of their money, data, privacy and children, but don’t understand what exactly those threats are, and how internet security software can help, as well as people do not want to spend their time for software familiarization.

In order to turn these trends into an advantage, the Kaspersky Lab brand needs to take on an educational function. We need to help users learn more about the threats and how Kaspersky Lab’s solutions can protect against them, as well as about safe behavior on the internet. The theme of online threats is still not that popular or interesting, which is why it is necessary to combine education and entertainment (edutainment) to involve the audience in communication and stimulate sharing.

Your task is to propose a concept (a strategically grounded creative idea with a description of the structure, consumer journey, sharing mechanisms, etc.) for an interactive educational site providing information on current online threats and how to protect against them (from the point of view of ‘safe’ behavior and the use of certain functions in our products). As for the threats, the site can either cover all the main themes simultaneously (money, children, privacy, data) or concentrate on just one of them (preferably, privacy).

Of course, we will support the site via our communication channels; at the same time, we hope that it will generate organic (viral) coverage due to interesting content and the way it’s presented. The site should also promote paid and trial versions of our premium B2C product Kaspersky Total Security, though this is not its main objective.


Consumers, M/F 25-35, digital natives, Windows laptop, Android OS tablet/smartphone users.


US, Western Europe, APAC, LatAm, Russia. Main language: EN.



You are expected to provide a presentation with a detailed description of the concept in English, with references. Optional: propose a strategy to promote your site.


1) The ideas and content of the site should not confuse the audience.

2) The estimated cost of creating the site should not exceed $100,000.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Compliance with the aims and objectives
  • Creativeness
  • Organic integration of the KL brand and the KTS product
  • Expected media indicators for the site (bounce rate, time spent, sharing, conversion to trial/purchase) – KL expert assessment

Supplementary materials:

  • Information about the company and its products is available at:
  • Additional information will be provided upon request