Non-Technical Stream
Non-Technical Stream
An application concept for the «Mobile security»


Developing a concept for a mobile application, or several applications, for the ‘mobile security’ category (B2C).


The number of viruses for Android-based devices is growing exponentially every year, as are the number of users of this platform. iOS users due to their relatively small number and the platform’s specific characteristics are still relatively safe, but probably not for long.

As part of the work on this task, the results of market research and a proposal must be provided that includes the mandatory investigation of the following aspects:

An analysis of the mobile security market and its features (4P, analysis of competitor solutions)

Variants of mobile applications for entering the market:

Description of the target audience and the estimated market size (in terms of the number of potential users and in financial terms)

Positioning of the application, product offer (value proposition) and the main functions/features/benefits of the application

Promotion strategy, promotion channels and their specific features

A monetization model (paid/free/freemium/subscription, etc.)


Provided upon request. The current product portfolio is available on Kaspersky Lab’s official sites.

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Abstract (1 paragraph)

Volume: 30 pages maximum (not including images, appendices)

Font: Times New Roman 12, spacing — 1.5

Evaluation criteria

All works will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Compliance with the aim and objectives of the research
  • Originality of the research
  • The feasibility of implementing the proposed solution